Official Contract Address: 0xbcD4b7dE6fde81025f74426D43165a5b0D790Fdd

SpiderDAO proposes a set of tools to bring online privacy to the end user.

To do so efficiently and sustainably, SpiderDAO’s team set a robust new standard for DAOs that will withstand the adversity that such a mission implies.

To mitigate the shortcomings of current DAO frameworks, SpiderDAO leverages a multi-layered governance setup based on hardware and software tools on top of a fair & resilient hardware-based DAO built on Polkadot.

Partners and Supporters.

Issues with conventional DAO governance.


Whales can gain an unfair voting advantage and the power to skew elections simply by accumulating large amounts of governance tokens to buy voting rights.

The Rise of Dark DAOs

“Dark DAOs” are entities which utilize smart contracts to undermine trust in voting systems by accumulating voting rights for market manipulation and eventually take-over the governance system.

Exploitable Governance

The utility of voting rights is tied solely to the governance token. Tokens can be easily purchased on exchanges making it easy for large investment bodies to exploit the system to accumulate voting power.

Introducing the SpiderDAO.

SpiderDAO innovates the DAO concept by introducing a dual-governance model which bundles together hardware and software tools with on-chain elements, providing a “whale-resistant” governance solution.

 SpiderDAO is underpinned by the Polkadot consensus mechanism and will utilise a network of hardware routers deployed by DAO participants as a “ticket” for election voting.

Hardware-enabled DAO voting process.

  • To qualify for a vote in the SpiderDAO, the participant must have a compatible Hardware Router connected to the Spider Virtual Private Network with SPDR tokens staked. One SpiderConnect router equates to one vote with safeguards in place to ensure hoarding of hardware devices is instantaneously detected by the network.

Whale Resistant Dual-Governance Model.

  • SpiderDAO transfers the voting eligibility rights from solely the token to a dual off-chain - on-chain mechanism. This makes it more challenging for large entities to disproportionately influence the elections without incurring significant costs.

Access to decentralized VPN services.

  • SpiderDAO will first be integrated with SpiderVPN which currently has over 6,400+ international users active across 18+ countries. It will provide owners of the SpiderConnect Routers with access to a decentralized VPN service (dVPN), granting full online anonymity and a host of premium features.


  • The SpiderVault will be created to accumulate 2% of crypto proceeds generated by services utilizing the SpiderDAO, the first of which will be SpiderVPN. These funds will be used for continuous improvement of the Spider ecosystem, with eligible DAO participants able to submit and vote on proposals to fund successful projects.

SpiderDashboard Features.

  • SpiderMarket: Sell & Buy Bandwidth for SPDR rewards based on the Rules in the SLA
  • Governance: Voting & Proposing on Features, Products and Development
  • Hardware: Manage & Update SpiderConnect Routers
  • Future Products: Access to any SpiderDAO Product in the Future
  • VPN Rewards:  Access to Spider VPN Services
  • Liquidity Mining: Participate in the LAU Concept Mining
  • Wallet: Send & Receive, Check Balance & Check Accumulated Rewards

Token Economy.

SPDR token is the cornerstone of the SpiderDAO ecosystem, designed to capture value creation within the network and enabling the development of a fair, robust and self-sustaining ecosystem

SPDR token component is used for

  • Liquidity Mining
  • Governance
  • Access to Dashboard
The SpiderConnect Router is used for
  • dVPN Access
  • Bandwidth Monetization
  • Access to Dashboard
SpiderDAO is fair
  • Anyone with a Certified SpiderConnect Router can Participate
  • Protection Against Hardware Manipulation with the Help of Node Technology
  • Whale Resistant
  • Sybil Attack Resistant


SpiderDAO will be the orchestrator of the ecosystem building and maintaining these services.

The ecosystem leverages Hardware, Blockchain, Cryptography and advanced Liquidity mechanisms to make it as robust and fair as possible. The 3 core components which encompass the SPDR Token, SpiderConnect Router and Spider DAO come together to create an ecosystem that is geared towards the community and is built on solid foundations of fair governance. In turn, the SpiderDAO will develop safe, secure innovative products and services for use on the internet for now and well into the future.


Q4 2020

  • SPDR Token launch (ERC-20)
  • LAU (Liquidity as Utility)
  • Router Distribution
  • DAO Development
  • Android UI Development
  • dVPN OpenWRT Development

Q1 2021

  • DAO Launch: Polkadot Testnet
  • Deep Development of the dVPN OpenWRT Plugin
  • Testnet of Spider dVPN
  • Native App Development of iOS
  • Android Beta Release

Q2 2021

  • Bridge ERC-20 to Polkadot
  • DAO Dashboard Release
  • Hardware Features inc Deep Packet Inspection
  • iOS Community Beta
  • Win/MacOS Development

Q3 2021

  • Spider dVPN Launch
  • Launch App Development for iOS
  • Win/MacOS Beta
  • Win/MacOS Mainnet
  • OpenWRT dVPN Beta

SpiderConnect Router.


  • The Spider Router offers multi-layered privacy techniques
  • The Spider DNS services are regularly updated with the latest ad-blocking techniques to prevent spyware/tracking/malware
  • Spider Router Kill-Switch to protect against any traffic going through whenever the VPN is disconnected
  • Buy SpiderConnet Router

Leadership Team.

The Leadership Team have been working together for a combined total of 5 years, in this time they have worked on diverse and innovative projects with a proven track record. This has been proven with there work in the VPN Industry working with hardware Routers at SpiderVPN. They are advised by experts in their own fields with over 10 years of experience in hardware and blockchain ecosystems respectively.

Nathan Varty - CEO

Nathan is an experienced entrepreneur specialized in IoT development and operations, Skilled in management of onsite and remote IT Help Desk Administrators and Developers. He has been successfully overseeing SpiderVPN since 2017. He also managed the full oversight of multiple projects from start-up to completion.

Žiga Flis - Co-founder

Before joining SpiderDAO, Žiga was the Chief Technology Officer at RiveX, where he contributed to the development of various blockchain solutions. He is experienced in on and off-chain tech and has a passion for developing decentralized solutions.

Anas SayedAnas Sayed

Anas Sayed - CTO

Acting as Project Manager and working with teams of Developers and Administrators. Anas has a background in hardware engineering, full network stack development and computer science working with embedded systems for Open Source network/entertainment Operating Systems design. Previously worked for A-Solutions, Pensil Media, FuboTV.

Anas SayedDr. Alfie Zhao photo - SpiderDAO Hardware Advisor

Dr. Alfie Zhao -Hardware Advisor

Chief Technology Officer, GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited. Winner of CES innovation awards in 2019 and 2020. His PhD in engineering management compounds has a proven track record in hardware IoT since 2012.

Pierre Laurent photo - SpiderDAO Blockchain Advisor

Pierre Laurent -Blockchain Advisor

Pierre holds a Master of Engineering in Computer science from a French Engineering School, he joined the cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin in 2018 to oversee the development of the European office as Blockchain Partnerships Manager. After that, he Co-founded Atka advisory.


What is a SpiderDAO?

SpiderDAO is the first hardware-governed DAO with a self-maintaining and self-improving robust Hardware/Software Governance control mechanism.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.

What is the mission of SpiderDAO?

SpiderDAO’s mission is to bring privacy & security back to internet users.

What is SPDR?

SPDR is the name given to the ERC-20 Utility Token also known as a Ticker.

On what network does SpiderDAO operate?

SpiderDAO will be interlinked by the Spider VPN and in the future, it will move to the Spider Decentralised VPN.

What is a governance mechanism?

1. A set of responses to conditions of uncertainty, dependence, and opportunism that exists in a business relationship. 

2. Refers to the structural relationship and operation mode between various elements.

What kind of Hardware does SpiderDAO use?

SpiderDAO uses optimized SpiderConnect routers, specially created for the use of the Spider DAO network and to utilize their security measurements.

Do you need a SpiderConnect Router to operate the SpiderDAO ecosystem?

No, the interoperable SpiderConnect router will be needed to propose or cast actual votes in the DAO, it’s not needed to access many of our products and token uses.

Does SpiderDAO offer free VPN?

SpiderDAO offers free VPN to the users who participate in the LAU program (liquidity as utility).

SpiderDAO Liquidity reward system?

60% of SPDR supply will be unlocked through liquidity mining. Participants will be able to mine this supply by staking LP in the SPDR/ETH or SPDR/USDC liquidity mining pools. Also, participants will qualify for FreeVPN services as part of the Liquidity as Utility (LAU).

Is SpiderDAO affiliated with Spider VPN?

SpiderDAO and SpiderVPN are two sister companies that act and help each other in achieving their common goals of bringing privacy & security back to the internet users.

Who is SpiderDAO CEO Nathan Varty?

Nathan is an experienced entrepreneur specialized in IoT development and operations, Skilled in management of onsite and remote IT Help Desk Administrators and Developers. He has been successfully overseeing SpiderVPN since 2017. He also managed the full oversight of multiple projects from start-up to completion. You can read more here.

How does the SpiderDAO ecosystem work?

The ecosystem leverages Hardware, Blockchain, Cryptography and advanced Liquidity mechanisms to make it as robust and fair as possible.

Can I use my free VPN access when I am not at home to use the SpiderConnect Router?

Yes you can use the SpiderVPN access on up to 5 devices including SpiderConnect Routers, All Gli.Net products, Android, iOs, macOS and Windows.

How long will the 60% liquidity mining last for?

It will be distributed to the involved community over a 5 year period